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Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha (Sanskrit, meaning "inner light") comes from India’s ancient & most important scriptures, the Vedas. It is part of a holistic, integrated knowledge system along with its "sister" sciences; Ayurveda for health & Vastu for dwellings.
Joytisha is excellent for uncovering planetary caused problems. By looking at the planets, the twelve houses and their relationships in the astrological chart one can determine health, wealth, education, love, work, spiritual path and dharma. The chart can also reveal any planetary cause for ill effects in any of these areas and how to overcome them. Like Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology offers therapies so people can take control of their lives and effect healing.



The Vedic science of architecture “vastu shastra” considers the magnetic fields of the earth and the influences of the planets. Vastu shastra believes that architectural structures are influenced by natural law just as the health of humans is influenced by nature.
Persons living or working in a vastu-built structure experience the enhancement of health general well-being and prosperity. Changes and adjustments can be made to existing structures and interior so that the maximum benefit of the universe may be received.

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