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We are a team of Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapy practitioners who are part of a global wellness movement with focus on helping our clients live healthy and disease-free lives by providing them with specialized treatments according to their health needs and goals. Our Center holds expertise in Pain Management, Body Detoxification, Weight Management, Reproductive Health, and Holistic Cooking.

meet our team

Hanna Aberin
Ayurvedic Consultant and Business Manager

Hanna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner who specializes in food recommendations and holistic cooking. Her educational and work backgrounds are rooted in business management with a specialization in Human Resources. In 2019, she went to India to study Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking in Kerala, explore Buddhism and meditation in Dharamshala, and yoga in Goa. Hanna continued more of her Ayurvedic studies in Montreal under the tutelage of Anita Sharma where she gained the title of a Naturopath. She also oversees the business operations of the Center and its cooking school.

Mayurkumar Patel
Ayurvedic Consultant, Panchakarma Doctor

Mayurkumar is an Ayurvedic Consultant and Therapist from Gujarat, India. With a 15-year background in Ayurveda, Mayur’s specialization includes chronic illnesses, pain management, hormonal imbalances which cause weight dysfunction, digestive issues, and holistic detoxification to name a few. He has an extensive experience in Ayurvedic hospitals and clinical settings in India. Mayur holds a Bachelor’s degree in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Detoxification) and a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. He is our senior Ayurvedic Consultant in the Center and demonstrates hands-on skills for an array of complex health conditions.

Arpita Patel
Ayurvedic Consultant, Panchakarma Doctor

Arpita is an Ayurvedic Consultant and Therapist from Gujarat, India who moved to Canada in the last 3 years for greener pastures. She has worked with the Government of India as an Ayurvedic Consultant for 4 years before moving here. With over 10 years of experience under her belt, Arpita’s expertise is in Ayurvedic Consultation with a focus in Gynecology/Reproductive Health including Pre and Post-Natal Care for both mom and baby. She is a Garbh Sanskar specialist – an ancient practice of instilling good values to the unborn child by guiding the mother in food, lifestyle, and detoxification practices based on the baby’s organ development.

Aside from Arpita’s Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, her qualification also includes a post-graduation certificate in Preventive Cardiology and Panchakarma. She is also knowledgeable in Ayurvedic Yoga which practices specialized asanas based on a client’s dosha to promote ultimate healing.

Brenson Cesario
Holistic Massage Practitioner

Brenson has over a decade long experience of massage therapy with a background also in physiotherapy and occupational therapy. His trainings in Bali, Bangkok, Toronto, and Montreal have led him to develop his popular Signature Therapeutic Massage. It is a combination of both his Asian and Western techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Balinese, and Foot Reflexology which is good for deep seated pain, sports injury, circulation, and stress relief.

Brenson’s past employers include Bota-Bota and Spa Scandinave in the Old Port of Montreal where he developed a consistent gain of loyal clients. His signature massage is an experience of dance-like rhythmic movements on the body with just the right amount of manipulation and pressure; his connection and presence are one with the client’s needs which is truly a wonderful experience.

Vanessa Tavaglione
Holistic Beauty Therapist

Vanessa’s mission is to guide her clients to nurture the connection to their unique beauty while being in harmony with the laws of nature. Through her Ayurvedic facial treatments, custom skincare products and consultation service, she creates rituals that help reveal the skin’s radiance and health, as well as encourage mind-body balance. She wants to provide a holistic experience that invites both a journey of the senses and an opportunity to nourish one’s relationship to their inner and outer beauty.

Vanessa is the founder of Seed & Rind studio in the east part of Montreal. She is trained and qualified in Ayurvedic consulting, Ayurvedic facials, and Shiroabhyanga. She is also a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute in Holistic Nutrition. Vanessa’s warm personality radiates in her treatments which help clients attain a deep sense of relaxation and connection.

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