ayurvedic signature facial

Our popular facial combines the ancient techniques of Ayurveda with the use of Earth-derived products. This treatment incorporates Ayurvedic face-lifting massage techniques and luxurious organic botanicals to naturally smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well as support collagen production. The result: rejuvenated, plumped, and toned skin.

This facial is not only reserved for mature skin, but also for those who wish to take a preventative approach to skincare. Includes: cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, hydrating floral compress, face lifting & toning manual massage, Kansa wand marma massage, eye treatment, freshly-made rejuvenating mask, hand exfoliation and hydration, cryotherapy wand use with moisturizer application, and custom aromatherapy.

About Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “the science of life and longevity”. It is the oldest system of health discipline in the world, first described in India about 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient wisdom of health and healing that emphasizes prevention. Ayurveda offers methods of nutrition, bodywork and energy through a holistic approach in the true sense of the word. It is the art of daily living in harmony with the laws of nature, a delicate balance between mind, body and consciousness that can only be achieved through awareness.

Price & Timings

1h – 170$ (plus tax)

Not sure?

Book a consultation with our resident Ayurvedic Doctor to know more about your body type and constitution, and what type of treatment you need.