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"Rediscover yourself through the Nurturing touch of Ayurvedic Therapies"

Ayurvedic Consultation
If you are unsure about where you might like to begin with Ayurvedic treatments or if you are currently feeling unwell; the best place to start is with an Ayurvedic consultation. During this 1-1½ hour session you will meet with an Ayurvedic practitioner to discuss your current lifestyle and state of health. After a thorough Ayurvedic examination, you will be given recommendations for the ideal eating plan for you, with direction in food preparation and choices, so that you will be able to achieve your optimal state of well-being. You will also receive suggestions for the most ideal Ayurvedic therapies (including herbal supplements) for you, favorable exercise, lifestyle and spiritual choices for your individual constitution and for your current state of health.
A consultation is required prior to booking a Panchkarma (detoxification), as it is necessary to see whether it is the best treatment option for you at this time. This therapeutic, intensive detoxification may be too taxing for your system at the moment or it may be unnecessary due to your state of good health.

Ayurvedic Massage :
Ayurvedic massage is very luxurious and relaxing. Warm oil and warmth generated by friction drives the oil through the skin into the tissues below, to loosen toxins and blockages. Since ancient times, healers have upheld the benefits of massage as a therapy along with the role it can play in preventing disease and promoting good health. The herbal oils and type of massage are selected according to your individual constitution. Ayurvedic massage promotes a feeling of total revitalization, leaving you in a meditative state, yet extremely alert.
Massage is necessary for every creature animal or human. In nature, even grass, plants and trees are massaged every time the wind blows through them. In order to keep your health, awareness and longevity; massage is essential.

Types of Ayurvedic Massages
Abhyanga: This whole body massage is performed by one or two therapists using specific herbal oils selected according to your dosha/type. Abhyanga has been known to greatly assist in improving the symptoms of rheumatism, improving eye sight, promoting sleep and creating a glowing, youthful look to your skin. It is great for increasing vigor and vitality.

Chakra Balancing Massage :
Each of our seven chakas is attached to different organs of the glandular systems of our bodies, consequently our glandular systems will reflect any imbalances in the chakra system. Using hot oil, hand-energy and stroke techniques we try to balance or improve your current chakra energy so that the impact on your glandular system is lessened or completely balanced.

Abhyanga and Choorna Swedana or Poultice Massage:
Choorna Swedana therapy begins with the application of massage oil (dosha specific) to the entire body. The massage continues using a bundle of herbal powder, seeds or leaves (poultice). This therapy helps in relieving neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, sport injuries, and fibromyalgia.

Lymph Balancing Massage :
focuses on the body's marma (pressure) points, gently massaging them with herbal oils to balance your energy system. Through regular massage, this balance can be maintained or restored to the body’s electro-chemical pathways and serve to prevent health problems.
This massage works by adjusting the intercellular fluid in the body to create an electrical/chemical balance among the organs, maintaining their proper functioning. Ayurveda uses herbal oils for balancing DC currents in the lymphatic system.

Navarakkizhi :


After liberal application of herbal oil over the entire body, you are massaged with a poultice of rice, milk and herbs. Next, the poultice is dipped in an herbal milk mixture and applied, inducing sweat. Navarakkizhi is highly rejuvenating and nourishing. It is a strengthening fomentation which can be useful in the treatment of neurological disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular weakness, paralysis.


Pizhichil :
This is a beautiful combination of two classical Ayurvedic treatments, snehana and swedana where lukewarm herbal oils are applied over the body by one or two Ayurvedic therapists in a special rhythmic movement. The massage is very slow and light. Pizhichil is considered as the most natural way to purify all the bodily systems. It helps in rheumatic disease, strengthening the immune system, strengthening and restoring sexual function and energy, stabilizing blood pressure, strengthening and balancing the nervous system and best of all, it shows down the aging process.

Udwarthana :

A deep and dry massage using various herbs and powdered grains, all to stimulate hair follicles and fat tissues, to breakdown the individual’s fat and cellulite storage. This dry herbal massage reduces blood cholesterol, obesity, and it also strengthens the muscles and provides a boost of energy.
Duration: If performed by one person- 1hr // if performed by two people- 45 minutes.
Cost:  $100 for 1 hour session, $150 for 45 minute session.

Other Treatments

Gandusa :
An herbal oil or a decoction is retained in the mouth. It brings a glow to the face, improving lines and wrinkles, tones the skin and is also highly beneficial for teeth, gums, ears, nose and throat.

Marma Therapy :

This treatment works on the junction point present between the body, the mind, and the emotions. It will clear toxins and blocked energies. It will also open channels of circulation, enhance vital functions, and will increase immunity.


Nasya :
This clearing therapy is very helpful in the treatment of congestion, common chronic sinusitis and all allergies. It can help to relieve chronic vascular headaches, migraines, epilepsy and has positive effect on the brain. Nasya can also help relieve other eye and ear problems, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as loss of the sense of smell.
The face, shoulders, chest and head are massaged with an oil specific to your dosha and condition, then herbal oil is poured into the nostrils.

Shirobasti :


During this therapy oil is retained on the scalp to help with numbness of scalp, facial palsy, insomnia, dryness of nose, throat, mouth, headache and migraines.






Shirodhara :
Shirodhara is effective in mental stress and related problems as well as diseases of the ear, nose, throat, migraines, paralysis, loss of speech, loss of memory, insomnia, alcoholism and even insanity. For deep relaxation, insomnia, scattered or compulsive thought processes, stress reduction and meditative bliss, Shirodhara is an ancient therapy used for centuries for restoring an inner calm in the mind and balance in the emotions. It begins with a gentle dripping of warm Ayurvedic oil onto the “third eye”, followed by a revitalizing scalp massage.
In this profoundly relaxing treatment warm herbal oils are poured in a gentle stream over the forehead to synchronize brain waves; coordinate and calm the mind, body, and spirit;and soothes the central nervous system, profoundly relaxing the mind and balancing the emotions. This will also stimulate production of serotonin.

Shirobhyanga (Head Massage) :

This massage improves circulation to the head, relaxes the muscles and nerve fibers, relieving tension and fatigue. Massaging the head increases the oxygen supply to the brain, improving the circulation of the spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. It also increases the release of hormones by stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands, necessary for the growth of the brain and relaxation of the body. It will increase the prana.



Swedana :

This herbal steam is a delightful way to detoxify and increase joint mobility. You will be placed in a steam tent, with your head protruding, and steamed with a blend of herbs that are specific to your individual constitution and your particular ailments. To improve the results of the Swedana, you may want to first indulge in an herbal sea salt body scrub to improve your circulation.

Pinda Sweda :

Pinda Sweda is a localized steaming treatment using herbs or dry sand. It greatly helps for arthritis, joint pain, gout nerve and muscles problems.

Takradhara :



This calming therapy uses a stream of herbal butter milk, poured onto the forehead to relieve insomnia, depression and the stress related problems. It helps to delay graying of the hair, reduces headaches and increases the digestive power.



Tarpana :



Herbal ghee is retained over the eye. This therapy has a cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes, relieving eye strain, improving eyesight and other eye problems.



Panchkarma :
Panchkarma is a therapeutic Ayurvedic cleansing process that transports the body & mind into a journey of rejuvenation. It has been used in India for thousands of years – to purify & restore your body & mind on a deep cellular level. Panchkarma is very relevant today as it helps to counteract the effects modern-day living; pollution, stress, poor eating habits and lack of sleep.
Each treatment program is designed according to your constitution and individual requirements. The programs vary in length from seven to thirty-one days depending on your state of health. An Ayurvedic consultation is required before booking a Panchkarma treatment, as this therapy may be too rigorous for you at this time or a Panchkarma may not be required owing to your state of good health.

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