poultice massage

This is a muscle therapy treatment that is popular in relieving deep-seated pain, stiffness, and muscle tension while also promoting circulation. Natural herbal medicine is prepared and wrapped in a cloth to form a bun which is called a poultice. The massage is done by applying ayurvedic oil to the body first and then using the poultice to administer a deep tissue massage.

During the treatment the warm gentle pressure from the poultice helps alleviate pain and promote healing. Depending on a person’s imbalances, different herbs and oils will be combined to create the poultice. The treatment focuses on the musculo skeletal system. It is understood that although there are different regions within this system, they are all closely connected.  In order to alleviate pain in one region it is important to treat the structure in order to promote healing.

  • Relieves muscle tension and deep seated pain

  • Alleviates stiffness

  • Reduces soreness

  • Helps improve arthritis

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Promotes circulation

About Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “the science of life and longevity”. It is the oldest system of health discipline in the world, first described in India about 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient wisdom of health and healing that emphasizes prevention. Ayurveda offers methods of nutrition, bodywork and energy through a holistic approach in the true sense of the word. It is the art of daily living in harmony with the laws of nature, a delicate balance between mind, body and consciousness that can only be achieved through awareness.

Price & Timings

1h – 115$ (plus tax)
1h 15 minutes – 135$ (plus tax)
1h 30 minutes – 155$ (plus tax)

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