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pain, stress and weight management

Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapies will help you feel empowered in your entire being by aiding you in living a pain free life full of vitality. Ayurveda counteracts the negative effects of modern day stresses and deep seated imbalances. Strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual avenues of your life by incorporating Ayurveda into your health journey.


Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapies will help you feel empowered in your entire being by aiding you in living a pain free life full of vitality.


These treatments focus on specific areas of the body and the various conditions associated with them.


Our combo treatments provide a deeply holistic experience. These treatments pair full body treatments with localized treatments to address a person’s specific health concerns.


Ayurveda works with children as well! These treatments are altered for the specific needs of children to help aid in healthy development.


These Ayurvedic Programs aim to counteract the negative effects of modern day stresses and deep seated imbalances. Carried out over various days and sessions, these programs are created to address the unique health concerns of a person.

Our full list of Ayurvedic and Holistic massage therapies

An oil massage treatment that enhances muscle tone, promotes circulation, boosts body awareness, and creates deep relaxation. More force is used to loosen the toxins and direct them towards the organs of elimination.

60 to 90 minutes, starting at $105

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A popular relaxation treatment that helps with mental stress, sleep problems, hair and scalp hydration, and inner calm restoration. A stream of lukewarm oil is poured onto the third eye and forehead to revitalize the mind. This treatment combines well with an Ayurvedic oil massage. 60 minutes, $120

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Ayurvedic head massage that helps relieve pain and tension in your neck, back, and shoulders while also improving hair and scalp condition.
45 minutes, $75

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This treatment helps with blood circulation and improves the ligaments and muscles of the feet and legs. In the process, swelling is reduced and better sleep in promoted. 45 minutes, $75

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A relaxing treatment that helps with tired hands and arms due to overexertion which is commonly seen in our “texting” society nowadays. It helps with flexibility of the joints and greater grip strength. 45 minutes, $75

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A muscle therapy that relieves deep-seated pain, stiffness, and muscle tension while also promoting circulation. The treatment is done by using a poultice bag filled with herbs specifically for pain symptoms. 60 to 90 minutes, starting at $115

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A powerful and vigorous treatment which helps decrease inflammation, shed water weight, boost immunity, and tone the body.
60 to 90 minutes, starting at $115

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A combination of energy and body work. This treatment helps to restore balance in the chakra energy centers that start from the base of the spine and go up to the crown of your head. A combination of hot oils, hand-energy, and stroke techniques are used to help you feel balanced, calm, and centered.
60 to 90 minutes, starting at $105

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A powerful energy practice that supports life force in its deepest level. This massage treatment works by helping clear stagnation in the energy points in the body and increasing vitality. It will open channels of circulation, enhance vital functions, and increase immunity. 60 minutes, $115

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Ayurvedic nasal treatment: A blend of herbal oils are used to help clear sinuses, promote clarity and focus, and provide headache relief. A light face massage is executed as well to help with oil absorption. 30 minutes, $50

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Ayurvdic eye treatment: An eye nourishment treatment wherein a dough ring is placed around the eyes and medicated ghee is gently poured over to submerge the eyes. This releases tension not only in the eyes but also the face. In addition dryness, inflammation, eye twitching, and other eye disorders are alleviated.

60 minutes, $100

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A deep and dry massage using various herbs and powdered grains to stimulate hair follicles that assist in the breakdown of excess subcutaneous fats. This dry herbal massage helps reduce blood cholesterol, obesity, and cellulite storage. In addition it strengthens the muscles by firming and toning them.

60 minutes, $130

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This therapeutic sweating follows an Ayurvedic oil massage and uses a blend of herbs specific to your dosha. It’s a delightful way to release toxins and excess cold in the body. You will be placed in a steamed tent with your head protruding for 15 – 20 minutes. It increases circulation, helps with joint mobility, and relieves muscle pain and stiffness. 30 minutes, $45

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This facial treatment incorporates Ayurvedic face-lifting massage techniques and luxurious organic botanicals to naturally smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well as support collagen production. The result: rejuvenated, plumped and toned skin. This facial is not only reserved for mature skin, but also for those who wish to take a preventative approach to skincare.

Includes: cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, hydrating floral compress, face lifting & toning manual massage, Kansa wand marma massage, eye treatment, freshly-made rejuvenating mask, hand exfoliation and hydration, cryotherapy wand use with moisturizer application and custom aromatherapy.

60 minutes, $170

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Our Signature Therapeutic Massage is a multifaceted service with the best of both worlds in holistic therapies – Asian and Western – that include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Balinese, and Foot Reflexology all rolled into one amazing experience! This massage treatment is good not only for relaxation and stress relief, but also for deep seated pain and circulation.

If you don’t know what treatment to get and your body is experiencing a bit of everything, this is the treatment for you. Highly recommended for 90 minutes to experience the full benefits, but 60 and 75 minutes are also available. 60 minutes, $115

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Swedish Massage is a full-body massage that focuses on relaxation and grounding. It energizes the body by releasing tension and improves overall well-being by helping the client reach a state of calm. It includes kneading, percussion, vibrating, rolling, and tapping. To protect the skin from friction, we strictly use Ayurvedic massage oil to our clients.

Swedish massage alleviates the effects of poor circulation by relaxing muscles, directing blood flow, and flushing the lymphatic system. 60 minutes, $95

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Deep Tissue Massage treats musculoskeletal problems like sports injuries and strains. It requires using slow, deep strokes to provide constant pressure to the innermost layer of your connective tissue and muscles. It starts with a milder touch to warm up your muscles. Deep kneading and stroking methods with varied degrees of severe pressure will be used afterwards. They help break up scar tissue that forms after an injury and reduces tissue strain.

Deep Tissue also helps speed up recovery by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. It is perfect for people with problem areas and who prefer a slow and deep stroke technique. 60 minutes, $105

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Holistic weight management: A combination of an Ayurvedic Consultation and various treatments to achieve a person’s weight goals. The treatments will re-establish the natural balance and biological rhythms of one’s body type. It aims to provide understanding on how different foods and routines affect the body, mind, and emotions. 

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This cleansing process detoxifies the mind, body and soul.  It involves a series of visits that include multiple treatments per day in order to eliminate toxins and impurities on a cellular level.  The treatment program is based on your unique constitution and nature of  your symptoms.  Depending on a person’s health needs the number of visits can range between 7 and 30 days.  A Panchakarma food diet is also ideal in order to receive optimum results.

To enquire about this programme please email: info@ayurvedamtl.com or call (514) 369-3561