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According to Ayurveda, a person’s prakriti (constitution) is strongly linked to the approach taken to maintain or manage weight. Ayurveda embraces the unique and diverse qualities of each individual and customizes the treatment plan to cater to the person’s needs. One main factor in weight management is a person’s agni (digestive fire). You will first be assessed during a Consultation with our highly skilled ayurvedic practitioners who will then suggest a treatment plan specific to your weight goals.

The program aims to provide an understanding of how different foods and routines affect your specific constitution on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The program will re-establish the natural balance and biological rhythms of your body type. No matter what your weight goals are, ayurvedic principles help improve digestive health, balance the metabolism, support the mind and nervous system, and manage stress.

Holistic weight management can be appropriate for a variety of individuals and scenarios:

  • Individuals who struggle to maintain a healthy weight or are discontent with their current weight

  • Persons suffering from chronic illnesses that may have resulted from inappropriate body weight

  • Men or women dealing with an eating disorder

About Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “the science of life and longevity”. It is the oldest system of health discipline in the world, first described in India about 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient wisdom of health and healing that emphasizes prevention. Ayurveda offers methods of nutrition, bodywork and energy through a holistic approach in the true sense of the word. It is the art of daily living in harmony with the laws of nature, a delicate balance between mind, body and consciousness that can only be achieved through awareness.

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