Our Ayurvedic Consultants obtain a complete intake of your biology, lifestyle, and health history. Your natural balanced self will be identified and compared with your current state of health in order to provide you with tailored food recommendations, lifestyle changes, and treatments to re-establish balance and harmony.

60 minutes, $135 (plus tax)


A succeeding consultation will be done for reevaluation between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the extent of the client’s health concerns. This consultation applies only to clients who have done the initial consultation. This service is also popular seasonally since our needs change as the seasons change; it is ideal to reassess one’s well being through diet, lifestyle, remedies, and treatment plans according to Canada’s unique seasons that can definitely alter one’s health physically and mentally.

30 minutes, $80 (plus tax)

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Holistic treatments

Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapies will help you feel empowered in your entire being by aiding you in living a pain free life full of vitality.