lymphatic drainage

This ayurvedic treatment consists of a powerful and vigorous massage which helps decrease inflammation, shed water weight, boost immunity, and tone the body. In ayurveda, the lymphatic system is the most important system in the body and viewed as the river of life. Lymph fluid, referred to as “Rasa” in ayurveda, must flow freely in order for optimal health to be possible.

When this flow is prevented or blocked our immune system becomes more susceptible to disease, our digestive system gets backed up and our mental clarity diminishes.  This treatment aims to promote a healthy rasa flow and encourage elimination of lymph fluid in the body.

  • Removes toxins from the body

  • Boosts immune system

  • Reduces brain fog

  • Minimizes cellulite 

  • Removes excess water weight

  • Tones the body and reduces inflammation

About Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “the science of life and longevity”. It is the oldest system of health discipline in the world, first described in India about 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient wisdom of health and healing that emphasizes prevention. Ayurveda offers methods of nutrition, bodywork and energy through a holistic approach in the true sense of the word. It is the art of daily living in harmony with the laws of nature, a delicate balance between mind, body and consciousness that can only be achieved through awareness.

Price & Timings

1h – 115$ (plus tax)
1h 15 minutes – 135$ (plus tax)
1h 30 minutes – 155$ (plus tax)

Not sure?

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